Adam and Seth Characterization charts. What have we learned? What traits do the evidence and our thinking describe?

You need some tools to help you with this thinking:

  • Character traits sheet
  • STEAL chart for Adam
  • STEAL chart for Seth
  • “On the Bridge”
  • Character Web page

Complete your “This is me in Grade 9!” project (planning, poster, essay)  and submit all parts to me.

Choosing your independent novel. See OneNote: Unit 1: Lesson 1.7



“This is me in Grade 9!” essay



“This is me in Grade 9!” essay



For Wednesday, complete assignments in the following order: 

  1. “This is me in Grade 9!” word snapshot and planning
  2. “On the Bridge” graphic organizers:
    1. Plot
    2. Character–>Adam
    3. Character–>Seth
  3. “This is me in Grade 9!” essay (word-processed)

FOR ATTENDANCE —-> Please see your WBE email.

“On the Bridge”


  • Go to
  • Book mark the class blog — edit the bookmark
  • Log in to O365–notice that the apps are on the left
  • Bookmark O365 dashboard — edit the bookmark
  • Click on Teams and then find the Team for this course
  • Bookmark Teams — edit the bookmark
  • Open Class Notebook and then open the Welcome section.
  • Review the 5 pages in this section
  • Complete the two surveys.


Plot and Characterization—- “On the Bridge” by Todd Strasser


  1. Complete the Characterization (STEAL) graphic organizer for ADAM
  2. Find evidence in the story that indirectly describes the character
  3. Highlight or underline and label the evidence with says, thinks, effect, acts, or looks
  4. Fill in the graphic organizer

Use the tools in your folder to help you: 

  • the Elements of a short story note
  • the character traits handout
  • the work you did on the story “The Scream”

Complete your Word snapshot and submit it with all of your planning.